„So-called Classic Graffiti Styles since 1997. Focus on Painting Walls with good Friends for Passion, not for Glory. DieGeheimAgenten CrewLove. Thanks Brothers for keeping me up all those Years.“

06.06.1976 – 26.02.2020
Jerome Klingbeil

Made by Peak

An collection of Pieces Peak made over the years. He was a active member in different crews and never missed a opportunity to paint.

Made for Peak

All pieces that where made FOR peak. Feel free to send us your piece over the contact form and we added it to the gallery.

jerome klingbeil

Jerome was one of the loveliest person we have known. Graffiti was his passion and for all the years that we have known him he had been actively painting. We spent some very nice days painting together and where connected through our crew DGA. The focus was always on being together. We miss those days.



Peak was really active on youtube. You can find his whole channel here to watch.

instagram tributes

Use the Hashtag #peaks176 to remember peak and your post is going be displayed here. It does not have to be a piece or art in general. Just any picture that remembers you of him or that you want to share with us. Feel free!


We, as the DGA Crew behind this project, would like to hear from you! Please send us your pictures via e-Mail and we are going to upload them on this page. Best would be links to any Filehoster.